In each story, she journeys to Rainbow Realm to help a unicorn princess and her sisters. After reading the sickeningly sweet summary on the back of one of the books, I was sure how to quote examples I would dislike the series. Sassy, a likable African-American fourth grader, is a breath of fresh air! The books are a lighthearted, happy look at life in elementary school.

Sherlock Sam is a Korean boy who lives with his family in Singapore – and solves mysteries with Watson, his robot sidekick. To be honest, I couldn’t get into it, but it’s a safe series that some kids may enjoy. The vocabulary and story structure feels too complex for young advanced readers. This is a well-written and engaging series about an atypical princess. Princess Pulverizer doesn’t want to be a princess; she wants to be a knight. Her father the king promises to send her to Knight School …if she completes eight good deeds on a Quest of Kindness. In each book, the princess travels the countryside in search of people who need her help.

Earth Day From The Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Series

The book I read was funny and did not have any name-calling or potty language. I did not expect to like this book because I’m not crazy about princesses, fairies, or any of the other stereotypical girl book themes.

What is a 740 Lexile level?

However, it has a Lexile text measure of 740L, which is around the average reading ability for a child completing fourth grade.

In my opinion, every young reader should read Frog and Toad. The simple but profound stories of friendship are funny, interesting, and worth reading again and again. Don’t be turned off by the dull colors in the illustrations of these vintage books. Franny K. Stein is imaginative and creative — and also happens to be a mad scientist who wants to take over the world .

The Book Report from the BLACK LAGOON: A Student Book Report

Nancy and her best friend Bree are likable third graders with engaging, realistic adventures. I love that O’Connor builds vocabulary in a natural way throughout each of the books. This classic series was published from 1968 to 1992.

the book report from the black lagoon reading level

The books are best read in order, as they often end with a cliffhanger. Downloadable resources for teachers, parents, and students. Join for free and get access to all our teacher created resources or become a seller to share and sell original products. An enjoyable little book with black and white pictures and most of the text in written form, but some dialogue in the illustrations. The art is simple and, for the most part, effective, but the dialogue boxes in the illustrations don’t always flow logically. Mrs. Green assigns Hubie and his friends a book report. Hubie has a difficult time finding the right book to read.

What genre is The Teacher from the Black Lagoon?

Posey is a first grader who lives with her mother and little brother. She deals with typical kid things – jealousy, name calling, etc. – but this is always handled with a lesson and a positive solution. The books are ideal for young readers through second grade; the books will feel babyish for older readers. The book I read did have a small amount of bathroom humor. If kids enjoy the Ballpark Mysteries, they should check out this series by the same author. It features a group of kids at an elementary school that have adventures and mysteries as they play different sports. This is a good choice for older, struggling readers.

the book report from the black lagoon reading level

(P.S. Ivy wants to be a witch when she grows up, so definitely pass on this series if you’re sensitive about that.) At least 11 books in the series. I read just one book (Horrid Henry’s Underpants), and that was enough for me. These books are so bad that if my kids received them for gifts I’d throw them in the garbage. Please read one yourself before filling your shelves with the 36-book series. Echo is a mystery-solving bat who solves creepy mysteries with his human sidekicks, the Bat Pack. The stories are fast-paced, the characters are kind to each, and full-color illustrations adorn the books.

The Field Day From The Black Lagoon Black Lagoon ..

This comprehension packet has a few questions for every 2 chapters and a couple questions at the end to check for overall understanding and making connections. Use this think along to track students’ thinking before, during, and after reading. how long is a 600 word essay I just looked for something appropriate for age 8 or 9….some I chose may be too simple but I have other grandkids I can give to. This is a wholesome series about twins Zach and Zoe Walker, who love playing sports and solving mysteries.

the book report from the black lagoon reading level

This is an animal fantasy series in which owls and their friends try to save their forest from the dark magic of Thorn, a powerful vulture. This is a classic good vs. evil book and a good introduction how long is an average essay to magic/quest books. The font is large with good spacing, and the black-and-white illustrations are incredible. Jack is a third grader with the ability to hear what animals are saying.

Friends & Following

They almost feel like Dick and Jane books, in a longer form. This is a sweet (but rather slow-moving) series about two best friends named Mouse and Mole. The books have full color pictures for strong reader support. If your readers enjoy the classic Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel, they will likely enjoy this series as well. In this charming series, we read about James and his friend Marvin, a beetle.

  1. This is a really great series about an active third grade girl who likes the dirt and doesn’t want to dress up like a princess.
  2. These funny, timeless books are still popular with kids today.
  3. Also, the illustrations are simple black and white, minus the cover and back of the book.
  4. Jo comes from a long line of crime fighters, and it’s her turn to join the family business.
  5. Mrs. Jane Tabby can’t explain why her four kittens were born with wings, but she’s thankful that they can fly away from the dangerous city slums where they were born.
  6. These are well written and entertaining books about a boy in Hawaii who lives with his mom and little sister after his famous dad left them.

This series is well-written and entertaining, and if you don’t mind witches in fantasy books, I recommend it. 8-year-old twins Danny and Josh live next door to a mad scientist, the elderly Petty Potts. Petty has created S.W.I.T.C.H. spray, which can turn any creature into a creepy-crawly or reptile.

The Book Report From the Black Lagoon: Reading Comprehension Packet

The last book ends with a cliffhanger and was never continued. This is a hilarious series about Justin, a lovable worrywart who worries his way through elementary school and summer camp. The stories are relatable, and the illustrations really add to the book. I would save it for older, struggling readers because they’ll relate how many words is a 5 paragraph essay better to the third and fourth grade storylines. These funny, timeless books are still popular with kids today. Henry Huggins is an average 11-year-old boy who often finds himself in unusual situations. Beverly Cleary (now 100 years old as I write this post!) has a gift for understanding children and how they think.

Just scroll through the list to find it; they’re in alphabetical order. Or if you’re in a hurry, click here for a printable list. informative essay meaning But getting in shape in one week is harder than he thinks, especially when the workout kit he has seems to be for chickens.

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers Activities and Lesson Plans for 2023

These are cute and wholesome , making them a good choice for young advanced readers. Ah, Junie B.! People either love or hate this series.

The Critter Club is a group of four best friends who form a rescue shelter to save lost and lonely animals. While the stories aren’t anything spectacular, I think girls would like them. The characters are loyal and thoughtful, and the series has no name-calling, potty talking, or sibling nastiness. This is a classic set of books that I loved as a child. The books are beautifully written and absolutely enchanting.